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Noia #3

140 x 280 mm, 164 pages (open spine binding)
London / Italy
Editor-in-chief: Megan Krahn
Creative director and graphic design: Lorenzo Bigatti
Guest art director: Studio Basic

A self-identified 'open and participatory' publication,

Noia offers a physical space for 'creatives and thinkers to visually react to the complex problems of our contemporary times, both as individuals and as a society.' Oh, and the name? It means 'boredom' in Italian.

Featuring more than 70 photographers, filmmakers, and artists from around the world, this third issue for 2024 is themed States and explores the 'conceptual and physical constructions of borders – however tenuous – to define ideas and purport control.'

'They are artifices presented as logic, defended as truths, manipulated as oppressions. Fluid and influenceable, we can recreate and redefine the states of the world today. The borders we establish, whether they are physical borders between nations or intellectual borders defining ideas, these constructs of self, country, object, subject, concept can be challenged and pushed into states of flux.'

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