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Live: People

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    Real Review #11


    115 x 260 mm, 104 pages London, UK Editor-in-chief: Jack Self Original design: OKRM This issue Real Review is dedicated to 'what to believe'.  P...

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  • Meantime #3


    175 x 250 mm, 140 pages (minus the bite mark) Singapore (English-language) Annual  Editor: Pang Xue Qiang Design: Fable A visually-stimulating pu...

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  • Isolarii #2


    110mm x 70mm, 256 pages. London, United Kingdom A revival of the Renaissance genre of the same name, isolarii – meaning 'island texts' – is a petit...

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  • Akin #5


    170 x 240 mm, 98 pages Norwich, UK Annual (previously biannual) First published 2018 Editor & Designer/Art director: Alice Daisy Pomfret Chang...

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