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Burnt Roti #4

210 x 280 mm, 75 pages
London, UK 
Annual, or thereabouts
Founder and editor: Sharan Dhaliwal
Cover art director: Ansh Meeta

This is the fourth edition of Burnt Roti, originally published in 2022, and welcomed back to our shelves ahead of our We love queer magazines event on Thursday, 8 February. A new issue of the publication is due later this year.

Centering South Asian culture, Burnt Roti showcases people and stories as well as acting as a safe space which aims to 'destigmatise topics around mental health and sexuality, amongst others.'

This edition, issue #4, brings together the work of trans, non binary and gender non-conforming South Asian people. Inside you'll find pieces exploring 'transnational transness', 'coming out, then out again', as well as photography, illustration and more.

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