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Frock #5

155 x 235 mm, 138 pages
Brooklyn, New York, US
First printed 2020/21
Created by: Eli Schmidt

'Frock the world'

Starting out life as a website back in 2019, small-format Frock's rallying cry is: 'Visibility matters!' A platform for the (erotic) expression of queer joy, this Brooklyn-born publication features all manner of artists and performers 'represented without censorship'.  

This latest issue, their fashionably late sixth instalment, explores 'Dynamic Tension' and just what it is that makes something hot:

'Turns out it's a delicate balance. Like a little symphony that needs to come together in one harmonious moment. It takes a little bit of pressure, a dash of curiosity, a pinch of creativity, and heaping a spoonful of kinkiness.'

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