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Puss Puss #19

200 x 228 mm, 383 pages
London, UK
Editor-in-chief, creative director: Maria Joudina-Robinson
Editor-at-Large: Matt Robinson
Fashion director-at-large: Heathermary Jackson

'The Spirit of Independence'

Once cats and fashion, now regrettably without (so many) cats, this is PUSS PUSS. Editor Maria Joudina-Robinson declares this ‘The Outer Space Issue’ for the extraterrestrial escapism (dare we say, fatalism?) running wild in art, culture, and society.

Being a fashion magazine, though, PUSS PUSS still wants to give its readers the full fantasy, so find inside world-building editorials and inspiring interviews.

On the Journal:
Read our At Work With interview with editor Maria Jourdina-Robinson.

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