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Weird Walk #5

147 x 210mm, 48 pages
Wessex, UK
Published as and when
Editor: Owen Tromans, Alex Hornsby,  James Nicholls
Art director: Alex Hornsby

'A Journal of Wanderings and Wonderings from the British Isles'

Gorgeously put-together, the 'zine-esque' Weird Walk tells tales of folklore, music and poetry from across the British Isles, across time. What started simply as a group of friends walking, expanded into 'active engagement' with the land and its history — both real and imagined.

The green fifth edition is dedicated to the landscape as narrative: whether myths, legends, or histories. Notable features also include an examination of folk horror in children's literature, DIY stone circles and a Yorkshire-borne ritual involving stag horns. 

Keep walking weird...

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