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Balcony #1

168 x 226mm, 238 pages
New York, US
Published since 2021
EditorAudrey Rose Smith
Creative director: Vicente Muñoz
Art director: Ben Fehrman-Lee & Julia Novich

This compact new magazine shares conversations between artists, presenting their voices as the primary source, the dialogues placed squarely in the everyday and thus avoiding the conventions of the form.

The name? ‘Balconies can be functional as well as decorative. They can be beautiful or unsightly; they can elevate or obscure. They can refine or distort perspective as appendages or growths on an existing structure. They are where you meet for a drink, a smoke, a breath of night air. A balcony is both steps and worlds away from the other room. It holds the vertiginous promise of intimacy.’

Balcony is unpredictable in format, a delicious balance of paper, fonts and colours, leaving you eager to turn each page. It’s a lovely addition to the indie magazine selection.

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