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Accattone #8

240 x 320mm, 180 pages (plus postcard)
Brussels, Belgium (English-language)
First published in 2014
Editors: Sophie Dars, Carlo Menon & Galaad Van Daele
Designers: Ismaël Bennani & Orfée Grandhomme

Accattone explores 'minor practices in art and architecture through the specific means of the printed magazine.' The latest edition addresses matters of construction in relation to time, use, and change and situated within an environment of ‘zombie’ structures, unsustainable buildings and processes that live on despite their outdatedness. 

This issue covers Lars Lerup's strategy for critically expanding standard models of construction, the UK-100 units used to rebuild French villages after World War II, the fate of the vacant Mäusebunker in Berlin, a report from dormant musical festival sites, and more.

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