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Azeema #4

200 x 270 mm, 244 pages
London, UK
Published since 2017
Editor-in-chief & Creative director: Jameela Elfaki
Deputy editor & producer: Sunayah Arshad
Senior editor & arts & culture editor: Evar Hussayni

Azeema in Arabic means determination, strength, courage, and firmness of purpose. As the name of a print magazine, online platform, creative agency, and community, it holds space for women and non-binary people within West Asia, North Africa, South Asia, diasporas and beyond. 

This is the Rituals issue of Azeema, exploring themes of tradition and cultural practices. It features the artist Tsunaina, musician Rimon, multidisciplinary artist Nadine Mos, pole dancer Neda, aka Hijabiluscious , and many others. Whether symbolic or literal, mundane or profound, rituals manifest in many different ways and bind communities with their traditions.

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