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Crash #101

230 x 300 mm, 122 pages
Paris, France (English-language)
Editor in chief and creative director: Armelle Leturcq

What began in the 1990s as a radical art magazine out of France, has since become the revered art+ biannual publication Crash. The goal was to break down the boundaries of the art world, championing non-career artists and personalities with no agenda other than to breach reality.

The latest edition is ‘The Art Issue,’ more specifically, the women artists issue. In editor Armelle Leturcq's own rather poetic words:

‘But far from identity claims that are content to oppose the masculine, it turns out that if femininity makes sense today, it is in a way that has a potential for plurality. It's as if the identity supernova had exploded: there are now only minorities, plural femininities in the throes of becoming, opening up the possibility of new reference points and desires under construction. This issue is, therefore, dedicated to the potential of this constantly expanding constellation of women...’

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