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Isolarii #10

110mm x 70mm (tiny!), 98 pages
First published in 2020
Editors: Sebastian Clark and Luca Mantero
Cover by: Alaska Alaska

A series by Common Era, the lipstick-red tenth edition of the diminutive isolarii (meaning ‘island texts’) features an excerpt of 'Under the Wings of the Valkyrie' by Icelandic novelist, poet, and filmmaker, Sjón. 

'It is more transgressive than anything ever published by me in the English language, an exploration of the unspoken element of the erotic in the attraction of extremism...' (Sjón)

On the Journal: 
It’s this one thing (on Isolarii #5):
'Each edition of the tiniest publication on magCulture’s shelves, isolarii, is by its very nature a (miniaturised, printed) cousin of the It’s this one thing column. Published once every two months, the series is ‘a world of many worlds’ where, with each new addition, a different niche subject is rather beautifully and deftly explored...' READ MORE

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