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Isolarii #4

110mm x 70mm (tiny!), 110 pages
Magazine first published in 2020
Series editors: Sebastian Clark & India Ennega
Art director: Ben Ganz

A revival of the Renaissance genre of the same name, isolarii (meaning 'island texts') is a trés petit publication; each issue of which focuses on a different, stand-alone theme or idea. 

This fourth edition is a 'mini comic' named Street Cop. With words by Robert Coover and drawings by (The) Art Spiegelman. A limited edition release.

On the Journal:
'Five issues in (and one Turner Prize nomination later) and Isolarii is indeed becoming an ‘archipelago’ of ideas—one in which a human-centred universe is oh-so passé. Within these carefully crafted islands of thought, humans do not reign supreme. The current issue, a lime-green volume titled Modern Animal by Berlin-(and sometimes Kyiv-)based photographer and writer, Yevgenia Belorusets, is a perfect example of this...’ READ MORE

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