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KD26 #A

210 x 280 mm, 48 pages in two sections

Utrecht, The Netherlands


First published 2023

Editor/art Director:
Korinna van Balkom, Daan Rietbergen

Created by fashion designer Korinna van Balkom and graphic designer Daan Rietbergen, this is the first of a 26-issue series, each one represented by a letter, that operates at the intersection of fashion, typography and art. Issue A records the creation of a handcrafted kimono, made from an upcycled 100% wool blanket, with the letter A integrated using a cotton cord. The publication opens in two halves, one recording the process of producing the kimono, the other acting as a lookbook for the final product.

A beautiful product in itself, the magazine makers hope to contribute to the awareness of the true value of clothing and the creative, intensive process behind it. ‘By choosing unique statement pieces and embracing sustainable materials and production, KD26 opposes mass production.’

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