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Overseas #3

200 x 270 mm, 194 pages (with 48 page fanzine)
Verona, Italy
First published 2022
Editorial director: Andrea Casati 
Creative director: Francesco Bonato
Graphic design: Marco Donatelli

‘Equal hoop, distinctive cultures’

Overseas takes basketball as its linchpin and through it explores the diverse cultures and people who play it across Europe and further afield. In their own words: ‘Overseas’ mission is to travel simultaneously above and below the surface of the wave of curiosity, to explore minds and souls, to awaken them through basketball.’

Now in its third issue, the magazine seems to have come into its own, weaving compelling photography with a genuine international outlook on basketball history and culture; this issue takes opens with a trip to Manila, followed by London, Zadar, Rome, Ankara and Lisbon, with a special spotlight on South Sudan's mens basketball team, photographed on the cover. 

Plus, each copy is accompanied by a slick, silver-y fanzine produced in collaboration with Nike, titled Only Basketball

On the Journal
At work with Andrea Casati: ‘Before we decided the name and after many changes in our bumpy road to the publication, one thing remained solid and constant in our mind: the role of paper for this project.’
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