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Plaster #9

203 x 265mm (cloth-covered box containing 20 page booklet and various prints)
London, UK
Editorial director: Milo Astaire
Creative director: Constantine // Spence
Design: Emma Ralph

'The Contemporary Art Poster Magazine'

Each issue of Plaster profiles one contemporary artist, typically in a fold-out, A1-sized posterzine format. For their ninth issue, a special edition dedicated to acclaimed British artist and filmmaker Sir John Akomfrah in light of his ongoing exhibition at the Venice Biennale, the magazine is reimagined as various bits of ephemera, collected in a beautiful forest green linen-covered box. 

Inside, you'll find an interview with Akomfrah in a mini broadsheet format, a short essay, a fold-out poster of a still from his installation Listening All Night To The Rain and a set of postcards, all printed on different papers of varying sizes.

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