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Tauko #12

215 x 275 mm, 128 pages (plus pattern pull-out)
Helsinki, Finland (English-language)
First published 2021
Editor: Mila Moisio
Head of Design: Kaisa Rissanen
Art director: Dörte de Jesus

Sewing! Climate! Culture! Community! Finnish publication Tauko encompasses all that is sewing-shaped.

The latest issue is subtitled 'Sports', dedicated to the culture and comfort around sportswear; the way it symbolises freedom of movement and play to even how it's seeped into every-day fashion. The innovation of textiles have created technical materials that in turn has created the concept of activewear, informing a wider societal choice of making sport a popular daily lifestyle and trend.

Also inside features patterns for lounging and movement accompanied with step-by-step instructions for all designs, available in nine sizes ranging from a 31"/78 cm bust to a 57.5"/146 cm bust.

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