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This is Badland #6

210 x 280 mm, 180 pages
Berlin, Germany (English Language)
Editors: Rafaela Kaćunić, Nina Vukelić
Creative director: Rafaela Kaćunić

This is Badland is a magazine that reveals ‘the other Balkan’ – a side of the region that doesn't often get the attention it deserves. Explore the art, design, and culture of the Balkans and beyond.

The latest issue is on a mission to reclaim the unknown, themed ‘The Untold World.’ In this information age, there's mystical relief in the oral traditions of Slavic storytelling, the swampy origins of Berlin, and the grainy dregs of a coffee cup being read by a psychic. With the aesthetic glamour of a fashion glossy combined with the rich investigative writing of theoreticians, This is Badland is an immersive trip through the Slavic cosmos.

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