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Overmatter 11.10.12

Overmatter 11.10.12

‘To read an edition of Aspen magazine is to flip through a booklet, unfurl a concertina, shuffle some postcards or to unfold a poster.’ Eye reviews the Aspen exhibition at London’s Whitechapel gallery.

‘At the time, women in journalism were relegated to fact-checking and research, with little hope of rising in the mostly male editorial ranks.’ The story of the seventies Newsweek revolt.

Meanwhile in the London of the same era Robin Fior was the dominant designer of counter-culture publications such as Black Dwarf. Read his obituary here.

Next week’s New Statesman will be guest-edited by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

A brief video insight into the magazine collection of Barcelona-based publisher/magaholic Luis Venegas.

How to prevent spoilers in an online movie review – run part of the text in white (thanks Jennifer).

New magazine app tool Maz lets readers share pages direct to Pinterest.

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