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Now I can literally just look at a spreadsheet and be like, “Oh, really, that many people don’t know what broccoli rabe is?”’

Bob Newman looks back at his first magazine love, Ramparts.

Mushpit’s ‘Fucboi Glass Ceiling’ diagram jumps from print to digital.

The latest issue of McSweeney’s is a bag of balloons.

Ignore the knee-jerk Guardian anti-rich rhetoric and enjoy the inside story of FT supplement How To Spend It. ‘A 30-year-old’s idea of luxury is very different to a 50-year-old’s…

London, 29 July: The Riposte all-dayer takes over the rooftop at the Ace hotel. Talks, workshops (incl Collage Club) and a market place featuring the magCulture popup shop. Join us!

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