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Announcing magRush 2013 #2

Announcing magRush 2013 #2

We’ve been receiving more magazines than I can fit into the blogging schedule, and after a busy few weeks our ‘pending’ shelf is full. So it’s time for our second magRush session of the year – a magazine review every hour for 24 hours.

magRush lets us give a shout to the many magazines that might otherwise get overlooked and also draws attention to the volume of magazines being made. As I mentioned during the talk in Berlin recently, there are so many new magazines that might have been considered for The Modern Magazine book had they been around when I was researching it. The magRush selection will be a mix of those new launches and new issues of existing magazines.

We’ll be opening the box of goodies at UK noon today and carrying round the clock to noon tomorrow – 25 magazines in all. You’ll miss some overnight, depending which part of the world you’re in, but the whole thing is tagged magRush so you can easily track back and view the complete set.


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