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Creative Review, June/July 2017

Creative Review, June/July 2017

Our latest page 23 is from the new issue of Creative Review. After 30 years as a monthly magazine, it has become a bi-monthly, allowing it to reconfigure the relationship between its print and digital versions.

It’s a smart move; the speed of online coverage of new design work has already seen off the print edition of sister publication Design Week, and Creative Review has gradually been moving towards a more in-depth approach to creativity in print, with news and reviews online. Now it has made that direction explicit, the newly extended 164 pages split into four sections: Inspiration, Insight, Process and Leadership.

That last area is led this issue by the second annual Creative Review Creative Leaders list, and we’re thrilled to see our own Jeremy Leslie included in this year’s 50, accompanied by a large shot of the magCulture Shop across page 23. So excuse us blowing our own trumpet for this latest addition to the series.

The list also includes others from publishing — Penny Martin (The Gentlewoman), Ken Hirton (Hato Press), the Unit Editions team, Ben Terrett (Co-op, ex-Newspaper Club) and the GraphicDesign& founders — alongside representatives from a wide range of other disciplines that help define the scope of the new Creative Review as far more than its traditional design and advertising base. The issue also seemlessly brings together issues of creativity and effectiveness, adding weight to the online content.

We’ve long argued that monthlies should concentrate their resources into less regular but better quality editions backed up by busier online updates. It’s great to see Creative Review doing exactly that.

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