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Day + Night #1

Day + Night #1

This delightful little magazine was brought to our MagMagMag pop-up in New York last week by its creator, Josef Reyes.

Produced to fit inside a plastic music cassette case, Day + Night is designed to look like a cassette inlay card, echoing the seventies modernist designs of what was at the time a hi-tech futuristic format. Open the transparent case, and the publication slips out, revealing two ‘sides’; Day and Night.

The tiny pages carry what are described as ‘ Liner notes for a New York mixtape,’ seven tracks for day and seven for night. Each one has been selected by a different person, and each contributes a written explanation for their choice. Peter Buchanan-Smith, one-time magazine designer, now entrepreneur, selects a Wilco song (above), and describes hanging out with the band and being disappointed by their lack of rock’n’roll lifestyle.

Another magazine designer, Rob Vargas, late of Bloomberg Businessweek, now at GQ, uses a Nine Inch Nails song (above) as an excuse to relate a messy school-age drinking session.

Day + Night tells some lovely stories that fits the mixtape conceit perfectly. The launch issue is New York; you can see this adapting nicely to other cities both in thre US and further afield. It’s also a good reminder that a magazine needn’t consist solely of A4 printed paper.

Josef hasn’t created related Spotify playlists yet, but these must surely follow…

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