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Eight By Eight #15
Page 23

Eight By Eight #15

Issue 15 of the Brooklyn-based football magazine Eight By Eight hosts our latest page 23: a powerful portrait by Joe Pugliese of Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of the US Women’s football squad.

Dubbed ‘the Visionary’ by writer David Hirshey, her peroxide pixie cut, layered jewellery and confident eye contact tell of a big personality, backed up by talent and the ability to speak her mind.

Rapinoe’s page 23 is just one example from the issue’s detailed look at the US women’s squad, who won the tournament four years ago and are hoping to repeat their success. Eight By Eight doesn’t just profile their home team though: with almost the first third of the magazine focused on the women’s world cup it’s the first example we can recall of this magazine branching out so heavily into this side of the sport – living up to its sub-title ‘The magazine the beautiful game deserves’.

With Robert Priest and Grace Lee at the helm, it’s no wonder that the magazine’s overall look is outstanding too. In this feature alone, using huge calligraphic capital letters on the title pages afford the players the luxury of their name being treated as ones to remember. Additionally, the page is dotted with carefully considered design details that tie the feature together and give space to the photography and writing.

Throughout the rest of the magazine, illustration is used generously to bring the game to life, and the goal to make a magazine about football that transcends borders, religions, and cultures seems to be a roaring success.

Founder & editor in chief: Robert Priest
Founder & creative director: Grace Lee

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