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February 2022

February 2022

Welcome to the first Coverage of 2022! It’s been a while since we pulled together a stack of new magazines to share with you, yet it remains one of our favourite things to do here at magCulture.

Allowing ourselves a moment (or a Finnish tauko, see below) to mull over the latest batch of new arrivals and soak them up a little more fully is one of the many pleasures of having a physical shop with daily deliveries of the latest magazines. 

Here are just a few that have caught our eye in 2022…


Fast Food& Patents #1
Berlin, Germany
A satellite publication from the team behind
Food& (which explores themed and ‘unusual encounters with food’) Fast Food& is a physically slimmer extension created as a space to, in the words of editor Asís Ybarra, share ‘those ideas that didn't quite make it’ into the usual issue. 

‘Think of Fast Food& as an hors d'oeuvre at a drive-through, immediate and flirtatious. Published between regular issues, it’s a liminal space for us to play with ideas that are too bizarre, and yet too brilliant to trash.’ This first helping is a largely visual examination of the idea of food and ‘Patents’ (a nod to which can be found on the back cover of the sixth main edition,  Food&Gravity).


Thesiger’s Silence #2
Shetland, UK
Compiled almost entirely by editor-in-chief Carlton Boyce, Thesiger's Silence is a thick-set, ethereal travel journal-come-meditation on life in the quieter corners of the planet. This second issue zones in on life in the northernmost archipelago of the UK, subarctic Shetland—which also happens to be (adopted) home to Boyce. 

And the name? British explorer Wilfred Thesiger was ‘in the midst of his second crossing of Arabia’s Empty Quarter in 1947 when he stopped in the Jilida area in the south-west corner of the country and wrote: “It was very still with the silence which we have driven from our world.”'




Courier #45

London, UK
A staple on our shelves, bi-monthly Courier (and its ever-growing series of spin-off guides) continues its calling to help readers ‘work better and live smarter’. It does this by providing enticingly-presented tidbits of work/life-shaped inspiration as well as IRL examples of start-ups in different cities around the world.

Now a part of the Mailchimp organisation, itself part of Intuit, it’ll be fascinating to see how the title expands in the coming years. In this issue, ‘Starting fresh: 25 lessons to make it big.’




Tauko #2

Helsinki, Finland & Berlin, Germany
Sewing! Climate! Culture! Community! New Finnish launch Tauko (which means ‘a break’ or ‘pause’ in Finnish) brings together all that is sewing-shaped. Founded by art researchers and fashion designers Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio, Tauko has inclusivity, positivity and sustainability at its heart, seeking to find ‘new, regenerative, and empowering ways to celebrate design and clothes.’

This second, wonderfully-colourful issue explores the theme of ‘Kinship’ and ‘the importance of crafting in creating communities and new cultural traditions.’ 



Good Place #2

London, UK
Here we welcome a rare beast—a mid-pandemic travel launch! Self-identified as a mag ‘for those people who’ll never stop turning over that rock, peering behind that door and seeing what’s over that hill’,
Good Place comes from a team previously well-travelled; it’s founding members include the reassembled core team of the now defunct Lonely Planet magazine. 

With such strong roots in the travel world of avant, it’s doubly interesting to observe what Good Place will offer post-Covid (🤞🏼) explorers. Notable so far are shorter, snappier features and a section named ‘Diverted’ which explores travel minus the er, travel bit (bear with us). For example, we explore Spanish cuisine via a visit to Spanish delicatessen Brindisa in London’s Borough Market. ¡Excelente!


ArabLit Quarterly Vol. 4, #4
Berlin, Germany
Born of a blog created by a group of international translators, the physical ArabLit Quarterly has been exploring poetry, creative writing, stories, culture, heritage and language since 2018. As editors Ali Al-Jamri and M Lynx Qualey write in their introduction, this issue is a ‘celebration of stories and poetry that are oral, anti-professional, transgressive, strange, and fantastical.’ Folklore in particular is explored in-depth here. 



Proper #38
Manchester, UK
Though a recent addition to the magCulture shop, this Manchester-born men’s fashion mag is, at issue 38, already on solid ground. Covering fashion, the outdoors and sports, Proper is a welcome addition to our well-stocked sélection de mode. The editorial is tongue-in-cheek and the adventure-inspired wardrobes offer an alternative to the more traditional mags of the genre. 

Inside this issue, you'll find (amongst other things) fashion shoots with big-name outdoors brands, an interview with Ray Mears(!) and an in-depth, well-shot feature on the joys—and fashionable trappings—of wild camping. 



Ash #3
London, UK
Back with their third issue, ‘art, feminism, and social justice’ platform Ash began its life in print after a successful Kickstarter back in 2018. Created as a space for ‘relatable, honest and uplifting conversations on a common theme, presented alongside stunning, often politically charged art, illustration and poetry’, this most recent issue is no exception. 

Themed ‘Home’, it includes a ‘collection of perspectives on the meaning of home’—a subject made ever-more meaningful in the wake of Covid. £1 from the purchase of each issue will be donated to The Grenfell Foundation



Season Zine #9
London, UK
What happens when football, fashion and an unapologetically-female gaze collide? Season Zine, obz! The latest issue of the footy-come-fashion mag is the Black Joy issue which follows ‘the same creative logic as Vogue Italia's iconic all-Black July 2008 issue’, an edition Season’s editor Felicia Pennant continues to revisit: ‘Seeing Black people around the world happy and innovating, despite our trauma and history of oppression, is incredibly powerful and so cathartic.'

On the cover, it’s Chelsea FC Women’s Lauren James who talks ‘handling the hype, looking sharp and speaking up.’ Oh, and there are free footie stickers and a mini colouring book to be found inside too. Joy indeed!



Carne #1
Seriate, Italy
Born of design agency ATIO Studio, Carne is one of the most eye-catching publications on our shelves at the moment. Licked with shimmering gold ink (Pantone 876C to be precise), it’s a largely abstract, conceptual feast of visuals responding to three ideas, Skin, Fame and Eros—each sub-themes of the magazine’s title Carne (flesh, or meat, in English). 

The visuals come from a variety of artists, further challenging the narrative logic through the pages. That gold ink works hard to keep the flow going!  


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