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Hotdog #3
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Hotdog #3

The third issue of Hotdog, ‘Delightfully Unprofessional’, stays true to its name. It offers a delightfully refreshing approach to poetry, which makes the medium feel inclusive and unimposing.

Hotdog publishes funny, honest poetry by female identifying, non-binary and transgender voices. It’s founders, Megan Conery and Molly Taylor, are committed to sharing the work of their writers authentically, and Hotdog’s pages are safe spaces where they can do just that.

The issue is split into three parts - fittingly they are beginning, middle and end. Each section contains an interview and in-depth look at the work of a different poet. Featured in this issue are jasper avery, Shagufta K, and Belinda Zhawi.

The interviews feel colloquial, friendly and honest; “My early stuff was not good!” Avery tells Megan Conery (above). Alongside each interview are sections packed full of the work of different poets, and several pages of artwork; Marta Parszeniew’s colourful collages are vibrant celebrations, and Hailu Ren’s black and white images of the sea follow on perfectly from Shagufta’s work (below).

The chaotic design of the magazine adds to the magazine’s unpretentiousness, making it feel like a scrapbook of words and ideas instead of a heavily curated, dense publication. Hotdog is never over-thought, allowing its commitment to the artists to really come through.

Editors: Megan Conery and Molly Taylor

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