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Interview relaunched
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Interview relaunched

The cover of the relaunched Interview magazine was revealed last week, featuring Agnes Varda on the cover in a nod towards her presence on the very first 1968 issue of the magazine (see below). Here’s a first look inside at the new design.

Although photographic, the new front cover harks back to the graphic heyday of the magazine, a rougher handwritten rendering of the title (and headline) echoing the Warhol screenprint era which followed the more serious, film journal design of its first appearance.

The handwriting continues through the issue, which features only one typeface, a version of Caslon by Commercial Type, with the handwriting provided by art director Kurt Woerpel. These basic elements are brought to life on the page by a creative team notable for the presence of Richard Turley, who along with Woerpel, creative director Mel Ottenberg (late of 032c), editor Nick Haramis and photo editor Samantha Adler have rescued the magazine from its formualic recent past and made it vital again. Turley’s fingerpirnts are all over the issue — Tthink Mushpit x Civilization.

There remains some controversy over the magazine’s return; it closed last May after months of turmoil and legal threats over unpaid bills. It’s sudden return will cause further angst but stepping back from the business issues, the new magazine is a very exciting creative development. I can’t wait to see the printed version.

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