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Jermaine Gallacher, Ton
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Jermaine Gallacher, Ton

Furniture designer, interior designer and design dealer Jermaine Gallacher established his editorial voice via a monthly US Vogue column. Last week he launched new interiors magazine Ton.

The magazine is a visual treat, featuring the work of a new generation of designers that demonstrate Gallacher’s belief that, ‘Today, our homes are more important to us than ever…they are spaces in which we express ourselves, our identities and our creativity.’ He tells us more as he heads to Milan for the annual Salone.

Portrait of Jermaine by Stephanie Black


Jermaine Gallacher sits at his office desk.

What are you up to this Monday morning?
I wake up really early, normally around 4am. I like to write in the morning, normally my column or emails, though I set the scheduled send option so I don’t look like a complete nutter.


Trestle table desk set at angle in a pink painted room
Where are you?
I am sitting at my desk in my pink office on Borough High Street, south London.


The Face magazine cover featuring Kate Moss and Liberty Ross embracing, from February 2002

Which magazine do you first remember?

The Face was really the first magazine I remember noticing and wanting to buy.

Andrée Putman sits in her home, back of Next issue 11


Which magazine matters to you the most this morning?
An old copy of Nest that had Andrée Putman on the back cover (above). I always look to Nest for inspiration.


Front cover of Ton magazine issue one

Describe Ton magazine in three words.
Spicy, spiky, spunky and punky. Sorry that’s four.


We love an obscure magazine title, but… Ton?
‘Ton’ looks and sounds great, and to me sounds like a title with substance. It connotes weight and heft, but also society and community, which ties in with the magazine, which we want to reflect a community of fresh makers and tastemakers.


A spread from Ton issue one

Your editor’s letter talks of ‘A new golden age of interiors’. Tell us more!
I think there are so many exciting things happening in the interiors and design world at the moment. Young people are making things again and wanting to express their creativity through furniture or how they choose to decorate their homes. This is what we wanted to capture in the magazine.



How have you set out to reflect this golden age?
We have created a magazine that reflects what is actually going on now for most people, not just the rich privileged few that most interiors publications are aimed at. I think what magazines have over digital is the element of surprise, that thrilling feeling you get when you turn a page is totally magic.


Spread from Ton magazine, a collage of images on black background

Which single feature in the launch issue sums up your ambition for the magazine?
For me it’s the Meet Your Makers feature, where we’ve spotlighted new and inspiring voices in design. That is what Ton stands for—people who are just doing it their own way with no airs or graces and making beautiful and interesting things


Exterior of Bar Basso, designer hangout during the annual Milan Furniture Fair.
What are you most looking forward to this coming week?
Drinking a negroni at Bar Basso in Milan.

Editor Jermaine Gallacher
Art director Rory Gleeson

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