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Magazine of the Week: UC Quarterly

Magazine of the Week: UC Quarterly

Barely a week goes by without another blog publishing a print edition, but not all are as successful as this example from the Austin-based Under Consideration network of blogs. U.C.Quarterly reproduces material from Speak Up, Brand New, Quipsologies, The Design Encyclopedia, Word It, and FPO in 48-page summary form.

Printed using one of the Newspaper Club’s new small magazine-type formats but still on newsprint, each copy is finished with a unique cover created from printers make-ready sheets and bound with a rubber band. The title is printed across the make ready sheet (above).

It’s a purely visual summary, with images laid out in grid style with basic project details attached and a link to the original blog post.

As you can see, it’s a very simple idea that uses the space well, with good pacing between busier pages and single spread images.

It adds up to a Pinterest-like record of recent design projects across multiple fields, with probably a bias toward branding thanks to their voracious Brand New site.

As an avid reader of blogs and social media links much of the work is familiar yet long gone, having disappeared down the blog lists. So U.C.Quarterly is a handy record of recent graphics work, with careful curation from founders Bryony Gomez-Palacio & Armin Vit.

It feels good, is lovely for its plain simplicity, and the use of newsprint feels just right. The only quibble is $15 feels a bit steep, but that’s probably accounted for by the hand finishing.

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