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Magazine of the week – what’s that?
Magazine of the week

Magazine of the week – what’s that?

Things have been busy recently in the magCulture studio, and while I’ve continued posting on the blog it’s all been a bit disorganised. There have been too many spelling mistakes for my liking, plus an alarming build up of magazines awaiting a mention. In a general sense this is good news for magazine publishing – there really are that many interesting and creative ideas making it into print, plus plenty of iPad tangents. But for the individual magazine makers it must be frustrating, so apologies if you’ve been hoping your project will turn up on the blog.

To try and improve things there will be a little more structure here, based around the return of a regular Magazine of the Week post, with briefer mentions of others. Regular readers will spot the flaw in this – I’ve tried it before. Wish me luck…

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