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magRush 14: Cereal

magRush 14: Cereal

It’s hard to believe Cereal barely existed a year ago. Just four quarterly issues into its existence and Rosa and Rich’s baby has taken the indie publishing scene by storm – everywhere I go I hear the same comments about its popularity. I put this down to the idea being such a simple proposition – four chapters each issue, two on travel and two on food. It is an easily explained magazine, travel and food are both highly popular subjects that work well in print, and the art direction and design has been perfected from the first page of the launch issue. Such confidence comes from putting the hard work in first, defining your brand, your audience and your aims.

Anyhow, issue four has been out a few weeks and is as lush as ever – bright white matt paper, beautiful imagery and strong writing. The writing doesn’t get mentioned enough – each of the four sections has plenty of text. Alongside plenty of white space, naturally, as this spread shows.

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