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magRush 13: Intern
Out now

magRush 13: Intern

The launch issue of Intern shouldn’t be a surprise to magCulture readers – we featured editor Alec Dudson in our At Work With feature a couple of weeks back – but we haven’t actually had a look at the mag yet. It’s a really intriguing launch, as it covers the creative industries from such a different angle – balancing advice and support for young people seeking internships with interviews with the the up-and-coming rather than the already successful. It packs a punch – 146 pages of mixed paper stocks and a foil block logo – and promises much. It feels to me like one a magazine that’s really going to develop into something really special over the next few issues. Alec is a hugely driven person with big ideas, so pick up this first edition and be a part from the beginning.

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