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magRush2013: Perdiz #1
Out now

magRush2013: Perdiz #1

The launch issue of Perdiz first appeared last Autumn, but what better for this dull, dark January than a magazine about happiness? This dual-language (Spanish-English) magazine is not only a great-looking publication but it overcomes any national differences to prove happiness is, as it says on the cover, contagious.

From the open-binding and kaleidoscopic foil titling on the cover, the visuals are to the fore. Pacing is helped by a series of image spreads called ‘Nice Things’ (above, below) that cross from photo to illustration and set the light tone of the piece.

The scale of the images here probably emphasises the coolness of the design (by Marc Sancho, Eloi Montenegro and Fabrizio Colque), and the design does use a fair of the stylistic devices to be found in the more designed small mags today – gradiated page edges, underscored headlines and floating images with text across them all feature. Such design tics can be tiresome but the layouts hang together well here, and it’s a pleasant surprise to dig deeper and find the content is really enjoyable. Design and content are working strongly in unison.

The issue opens with a series of ‘Good News’ stories and moves on to a photographic series on smiles from around the world, accompanied by the stories of the smilers. A feature asks ‘Why does cycling up mountains really fast make people happy?’, and there’s a look at the pigeon fanciers of New York City. The traditional Japanese custom of hiding ones smile is examined (below), and a set of ‘Real Life Super Heroes’ share their reasons for wanting to make a difference to the world. The issue ends with a set of ten simple things to improve your life (above).

Perdiz is a really enjoyable new magazine that I wish I’d featured here sooner. Roll on issue two.

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