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MC1R #6
Page 23

MC1R #6

Independent art and design magazine MC1R is the worlds only print magazine for redheads. Its sixth issue explores an array of ginger-minded topics, from what to expect if you’re expecting a ginger child, to tips on staying safe in the sun, and poems about being bullied for having red hair. It also presents a series of striking portraits of infamous redhead Lindsay Lohan, alongside an interview with Odda magazine editor David Martin.

On page 23, though, MC1R really gets to the roots of being ginger. The page is one half of the opening spread for an article titled ‘Origins’, which discusses the genetic causes, ethnic origins, and history of red hair. The double page illustration, by redheaded illustrator John Molesworth, is of a brightly coloured map, with yellow dots indicating the concentration of ginger people in a particular area.

The article delves into the history of the MC1R gene, the magazine’s namesake, and its Neanderthal source and prolific existence in Celtic tribes. It then looks farther afield, at the surprisingly red-haired Udmurt people from Russia, and the many red-headed members of the Middle-Eastern Tajik people. The piece also refers to some interesting research, which has determined that those with red hair are more sensitive to thermal pain, and require more anaesthetic than others.

‘Origins’ is a great read for anyone interested in genealogy, and the magazine as a whole serves as a vibrant celebration of the world’s red-haired community.

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