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Meet the speaker: Rhona Ezuma
magCulture Live

Meet the speaker: Rhona Ezuma

For our second speaker focus ahead of magCulture Live, we introduce Rhona Ezuma, stylist, creative director and editor.

Rhona is also founder of Thiiird, an independent magazine amplifying voices from under-represented backgrounds through centralising the thought, being and art of people of colour, the queer community, women, and others with marginalised backgrounds.



She’ll be speaking as part of our regular quickfire series of talks from a selection of newer indie magazines, showing how vital the sector remains. The fifth issue of the annual print edition of Thiiird, titled ‘Defiant Beauty’ is currently in shops.

‘Print is definitely the holy grail, but the other channels we use are our podcast, social media, our online website and, in the regular world, events’, explains Rhona. Like so many indie publishers, she refers to i-D as an early inspiration—we’ll be posting some background to founder Terry Jones’ contribution to magCulture Live soon.

Read our recent interview with Rhona here.


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magCulture Live, London 2021
Thursday 4 November
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL

Tickets include all talks, lunch, drinks, goodie bag and access to the video recording of the day.

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