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Notes from The Modern Magazine 2016

Notes from The Modern Magazine 2016

Last year at ModMag16 we set out to record the day’s talks in a printed magazine. We wanted to produce a unique record of the contributions from the 12 speakers, and we recently published the finished item.

Each of the speakers is represented by a mini-edition of their magazine, produced in proportion to the real thing, and using the typography and design of the original. The result is an exciting piece of print that we feel reflects the buzz of the day and the different approaches and moods of the talks. Thank you to all the magazines for their co-operation.

We’ve been busy distributing copies to all speakers, attendees and sponsors and have some spares left that will be available at the magCulture pop-up shop at this year’s ModMag. Another reason to book that ticket!

And talking of this year’s ModMag, we’re planning a publication in advance of the event this time, to be distributed on the day. This will be your guide to everything ModMag.

Notes from The Modern Magazine 2016 was produced at magCulture by Jeremy Leslie, Madeleine Morley, Stephanie Hartman, Kati Krause, Clara Metter and Eve Cross.

With thanks to our print partner Park Communications.

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