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Out now: Die Kindertseitung #10
Out now

Out now: Die Kindertseitung #10

With the rise of independent alternatives to the mainstream, it’s only right that there should be alternatives to kids mags as well. In the UK, Anorak is the first that comes to mind for parents who want to get their children something that sparks creativity, but German kids also have an alternative, a publication called Die Kindertseitung (The Children’s Newspaper). It’s edited and designed by graphic designer Daria Holme, and each issue has a playful and visually-orientated theme, like ‘Red’ or ‘City’ or ‘Alphabet’ or ‘Night’. Issue ten is themed ‘Round’, and it’s definitely a magazine for little designers in the making.

On yellow tinted pages, drawings help inspire kids to draw their own responses to the round world (above), or to imagine what round object a monkey might be balancing on their nose (below).

Kid contributors also submit their own photography to the project (above), and a funny and grungy spread of belly buttons is not the conventional kind of imagery associated with children’s publications (below).

Little round design motifs pepper throughout, like a hole-punch design, which continues to get kids to think more about other circular shapes in the world around them (above). It’s a fun magazine, inviting kids to use their imagination and interact with the pages through inventive illustrations and other visuals.

Review by Madeleine Morley

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