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Out now: Hot Rum Cow #2
Out now

Out now: Hot Rum Cow #2

As noted in last week’s magRush mention of Gin & It, there’s been a few magazines about drink launched recently. But first off the block last summer was Hot Rum Cow, the second issue of which is published this week.

The new issue leads with that most misunderstood of drinks, cider. Fizzy apple juice? Alcopop? Hot Rum Cow digs into the history of cider and its pear-based sister perry to argue otherwise. We’re introduced the specialist world of cider apples via an illustrated guide (above) and encouraged to indulge in some nostalgia for the once cutting-edge marketing of Babycham (a perry) through a fine collection of pub coasters (below).

This notated excerpt from a UK government notice (above) defines exactly what cider is; ‘at least 35% apple or pear juice…’

Juice which can be obtained via this easily made cider press.

But if cider isn’t your poison, read on. The magazine also visits Britain’s smallest pub (above) and reports from the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London among other alochol based treats.

The design is calmer this time, retaining the multiple typefaces, colour and illustration that gave the debut issue its character but generally appearing more self-assured.

As I wrote last time, it’s a great addition to the world of independent publishing and a credit to Scottish publisher White Light Media.

The issue is available from the magCulture shop.

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