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Overmatter 15.01.13

Overmatter 15.01.13

The Aspen exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery continues, and the gallery is holding a pair of events about the magazine. On February 7 they take a close look at the British issue, and on February 28 they’ll be decoding artist Brian O’Doherty’s issue 5/6.

Print magazine art director Ben King describes working with design hero Bob Gill on the magazines’s new front cover.

Press Gazette asks whether or not Mr Porter’s Jeremy Langmead is a journalist.

Gym Class Magazine have redesigned their blog. Very smart. Includes this link to a nostalgic piece about Smash Hits. Poignant today as HMV fails.

EXTRA! Read the sad tale of the tweeting Tatler office dachshund Alan TBH Plumptre killed by the revolving door at Vogue House (I’m not joking).

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