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Out now: The Germans #3

Out now: The Germans #3

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Munich to speak at QVED – more soon on that here I hope – was hearing local creative director Mirko Borsche talk about his work then visiting his studio. Best known for his award-winning work on Zeit Magazin, a new project he’s been working on is The Germans, a political magazine for young people.

Even being unable to read German it’s clear this is an unusual magazine. The name sets the tone, the use of English establishing the healthy editorial line that Germans are Germans whatever their ethnic/cultural background. The issue shown is no.3, leading with a story about society’s obsession with perfection.

Borsche’s art direction and design is typically simple, functional, yet warm. Monochrome typography works to a variable 2/3 column grid, sometimes breaking its own rules (below). It is serious but quirky enough to stand apart from more traditional political coverage. It can sometimes look quite uncompromising but it is never impossible, and the photography helps soften things.

The Germans leaves me wishing a/ there was a magazine taking this unpatronising approach to politics in the UK; and b/ envying the German ability to mix up content in a contemporary context and make it look exciting and relevant.

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