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Out now: Wrap #10
Cover story

Out now: Wrap #10

Issue 10 cover
It’s great to see one of my favourite illustrators, Jean Julien, bringing humour to the front cover of the new issue of Wrap. The cover is a shift away from more abstract designs toward the more engaging use of a stronger image of a face. Using the human face is an established rule of magazine covers of course, but it’s fascinating seeing a small magazine find its feet and accept such rules on its own terms.

The image wraps (!) round to the back cover (after the jump) to highlight the issues theme, plants.

Wrap #10 Cover
The magazine has developed issue by issue as its founders Polly and Chris learn what works – Wrap is their first magazine. Like Boat, featured here last week, this new issue shifts up a gear. The stronger front cover is followed by an improved design inside. You can see more of the issue on their website, where you can also order a copy.

Steve interviews Polly and Chris about the issue on the Stack site.

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