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Overmatter 07.11 13

Overmatter 07.11 13

The New York Times interviews Mohammed Ahmed, manager of the wonderful Casa Magazines store in NY, ‘Even if only one person wants it, I can put it on the shelf, and people will see it and buy it.

Great to see Hot Rum Cow feature in both the PPA Independent Publisher Awards and Scotland Magazine Awards shortlists. Should be some after party!

Ten digital x print myths debunked by Mario Garcia.

Vanity Fair Italia celebrates its tenth anniversary with a whopping great 508 pages.

Stack interviews Paul Kominek, editor of Travel Almanac.

Algorithmic newspaper The Long Good Read trialed by The Guardian and Newspaper Club.

SPD takes a look at new FI magazine Lollipop. Love that masthead!

In Berlin? Don’t forget I’m talking with Kati Krause about The Modern Magazine this evening at The Reading Room.

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