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Overmatter 14.05.13

Overmatter 14.05.13

‘The US magazine business had become too dependent on big, ad-supported audiences rather than circulation revenue,’ so top US editorial designer Roger Black is packing up his fonts and heading off to Asia.

Gym Class returns! First, a brief interview with UK Esquire art director David McKendrick online and a new issue of the magazine promised soon.

Peter Bilak of Works That Work, on magazine finance and his new Patrons scheme.

Save the magazines! Our friends at Stack are having a clear out, and promise free magazines at 71a Leonard St, Shoreditch this Saturday. Plenty of desirables!

Always good to see German business mag Brand Eins; thanks Voll Auf Die Presse.

Reminder I’m in Amsterdam Friday interviewing Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers from Fantastic Man at What Design Can Do. If you’re there come and say hello.

More wine, food and culture! Hello Noble Rot.

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