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Perdiz #9

Perdiz #9

Perdiz is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy. It’s been featured on magCulture several times before, thanks to its charming design and thoughtful, upbeat content. But in response to Blue Monday, and the general gloomy feeling that January often evokes, we thought we’d inject some brightness into your lives in the form of issue nine.

As noted in our coverage of issue six, Perdiz, while focusing on positivity, has also been known to lend itself to the darker side of things. Issue nine covers a dating service for ‘preppers’ - people who are preparing for the Apocalypse, and, using bright and macabre illustrations, tells the story of a retired computer programmer who found fame by becoming a professional corpse for TV and film.

As stated in the editor’s note on the opening page: as well as the magazine’s usual focus on ordinary people doing extraordinary things, this issue is also about unremarkable joys. There is a selection of the best bad art in the world (top), a feature on objects that make us happy, which explores our relationship with the deep fat fryer (above), and a look at the surprising niceties of the internet (below); that dating apps have increased the number of mixed heritage couples, and the Reddit group ‘Random Acts of Pizza’, connecting the poor and hungry to people willing to buy them pizza.

Issue nine is delightfully designed as usual, with its exposed spine and foiled title, the words ‘Happiness is contagious’ running along the top of the cover in both Spanish and English, and the partridge (perdiz) icon on the back cover (above). The latest issue of this collectable bi-annual magazine from Barcelona is as much of a treat as ever.

Editor: Marta Puigdemasa
Art director: Marc Sancho

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