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Modern Matter billboard
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Modern Matter billboard

London art/fashion magazine Modern Matter have taken a billboard in Shoreditch to publish a selection of pages from their recent 13th edition, The Anti Issue.

Presenting 90 bumper-sized versions of the issue’s 400 pages, ‘The intention is to repurpose the site of the billboard as an unconventional form of free press, so that the poster becomes its own one-off print edition,’ according to features editor Philippa Snow.

This free, public presentation of the pages is a physical alternative to the digital exchange of images we take for granted today. ‘It isn’t that Modern Matter is anti-digital,’ Philippa explains, ‘but that we’re anti the idea that digital needs to be prioritised over print, which still has its own unique appeal and function.’

I'm not sure where the idea leads us, or whether others could build on it, but it’s great to see this type of experiment. We need to push magazines out into the wider world and surprise people more often.

The billboard in on Old Street at the junction with Shoreditch High Street.

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