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Pin-Up #28

Pin-Up #28

We don’t care for over-categorising the magazines we write about and sell; so many cut cross different genres to combine often unrelated subjects. A good example of this is Pin-Up, the ‘Magazine for Architectural Entertainment.’

Issue 28 of the New York based magazine is themed ‘Sun,’ and while there is plenty of architecture, design and theory in the issue this theme allows a typically broad range of additional concerns. My highlight, flicking through the issue, is this series of sunflowers in vases (above). It’s a typically random diversion, a vivid set of colourful images celebrating the happiest of flowers.

While many of the longer features reference the sun, the real heart of the Sun theme comes at the back, where a smaller-page section titled ‘Sun Book’ presents a series of brief essays on sun-related subjects: nudism, climate change, sunsets, etc. A series of gradually reducing circular die cuts highlights the theme while tieing the pages together as a set (above).

Architecture is never far away, but Pin-Up continues to mark its link with other areas of culture and thought.

Editor/Creative director: Felix Burrichter
Design director: Erin Knutson

Art direction: Camranesi Pompili
Photography: Pim Top

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