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Popshot #5

Popshot #5

Poetry and illustration remain tricky subjects to cover in any medium, but Popshot magazine continues to celebrate both with issue five out now and available to buy in our shop.

The Childhood Issue follows the same format as previous ones, with each poem combined with a commissioned illustration on a spread (above: Andrew Thorpe’s artwork for Roxanna Bennett’s ‘Worm Eater’). It’s a great way to explore poetry – I’ve always had difficulty enjoying it but away from fusty schoolbooks it is far more accesible than you might expect. It reminds me of London’s Poems on the Underground campaign in the way it brings poetry into the open.

The individual spreads are broken up by well-chosen longer pieces such as this profile of London-based illusrators Peepshow Collective (above) and an interview with Mr Bingo (below).

Poetry and artwork styles vary – below is Fortuna Todisco’s illustration of Ross Sutherland’s ‘Ox’.

Popshot remains a rare publication seeking to help poetry crossover to a new audience, and is a successful vincication of the passion for his subject held by editor/publisher Jacon Denno.

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