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Positive News #90
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Positive News #90

Beginning in 1993 as a free newspaper distributed by volunteers, Positive News morphed into a quarterly magazine last year. Its aim has always been on reporting inspirational stories and celebrating society’s progress and possibilities. For its ninetieth issue, Positive News shifts its focus to ‘rewriting the man code’ and interviewing people who are shedding the status quo.

The cover story looks at the unique difficulties facing men today, along with how notions of masculinity are changing, and why that’s a good thing. With a particular spotlight on male violence and mental health issues, Positive News speaks to six men who are living their lives beyond patriarchal constraints on their masculinity. These include a ‘stay-at-home’ dad, and a barber raising awareness about male suicide prevention. In a climate that usually focuses on female emancipation, it’s refreshing to see a publication viewing things from a different perspective; something that Positive News has always endeavoured to do.

The magazine’s pull is its focus on contemporary, newsworthy issues and its willingness to finding light in them. This issue stays true to that sentiment, reporting on how to combat fake news, projects that make rent fairer and more affordable, and how emojis have improved to our ability to communicate (above). It also responds to the overwhelmingly tragic news that has dominated headlines recently, by tracking positive developments across the world.

Editor: Lucy Purdy
Design and art direction: Give Up Art

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