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Posterzine #33, Benoit Bodhuin

Posterzine #33, Benoit Bodhuin

The Posterzine series from People of Print is a lovely, simple piece of publishing. Each issue features a single artist/designer, their work highlighted as an A1 poster. The reverse side of the poster features more work and a brief interview with the subject, and the whole thing is folded down to a practical A4. Simple!

The monthly series has featured a broad range of specialisms; illustration looms large but so do typographers, design studios and other creatives. As such, it’s unlikely you’ll want every issue, but when a favourite artist is featured you’ll want that one.

The interviews can be a little hit or miss sometimes, but I was keen to read this recent issue about French typographer Benoit Bodhuin. I enjoy his fonts (the issue uses various examples from his bb-book family) and the words offer enough background to intrigue me further. Bodhuin’s work always looks fun and the interview reinforces that. (The cover and poster reads ‘Nobody reads the interview’).

I also enjoyed the choice of colour; many of the issues rely on big bold dayglo inks to cause a visual splash, but the muted browns here work perfectly with the slightly retro feel of Bodhuin’s fonts. Perhaps this is due to Bodhuin himself designing the issue.

It’s a busy time for People of Print; while their larger publication Print Isn’t Dead appears dormant, they’ve taken over the reins of long-standing design mag Grafik. This title has been online-only for several years but we hope to see it back in print soon.

Editor: Marcroy Smith
Interviewer: Kate Hollowood

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