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Printout, editor’s special

Printout, editor’s special

These days virtually anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can make their own print magazine, and thousands of people are doing exactly that. But has something been lost amongst the democratisation? It used to take years of work to become an editor, but today’s independent magazine makers can become editors virtually overnight.

For this Printout we bring together four of the most interesting and exciting editors working in independent magazines today to hear about their own progression to the big job, whether they think the role of the editor is changing today, and what magazine makers should be doing to ensure the best quality results.

Come along to hear from:

Penny Martin
Editor-in-chief of The Gentlewoman, an elegant alternative to mainstream women's magazines

John L Walters
Editor of Eye magazine, the international review of graphic design

Steven Gregor
Founder and editor of Gym Class, the magazine about magazines

Ben Eastham
Co-editor of the quarterly arts and literary journal The White Review

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