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Printout: Sound and vision

Printout: Sound and vision

Thank you to everyone who came to last week’s Printout Sound and Vision night about how magazines are using video. Five very different films illustrated how moving image can support, add to and sell printed magazines, with final speaker Fiona from explaining how their online-only project uses a magazine-like editorial approach.

After the jump, links to the videos the speakers discussed:

Little White Lies
The story of the making of the magazine’s ‘On The Road’ issue.

A documentary piece about artist/photographer Richard Mosse’s project ‘The Enclave’, adding to the print edition’s coverage.

A Kickstarter promo for this upcoming new magazine

Oh Comely
The editors deliver a new issue to several readers by hand, emphasising the close community
An example of film made for this video-only magazine.

Thanks to Paul Willoughby, Sam Thorne, Alec Dudson, Rosanna Durham and Fiona Scott (respectively) for showing and discussing their videos.

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